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21 Jun Yellow Gold vs. White Gold vs. Rose Gold Earrings
Shopping for earrings is no mean feat. First off, there are numerous metals you can choose from. The designs and styles are mind-boggling, and each me..
30 May What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?
Natural diamonds are created in the compressing pressure and heat of the earth’s mantle. This is about 100 miles underground. Most diamonds mined to..
26 May Is 14K Gold Good For Piercings?
Piercings have been a big trend in the recent past- and are touted to remain so for a while to come. And why not? Piercings allow people to show the..
11 Mar How to tell the difference between 14k and 18k gold?
Not all gold is created equal. This is why you will always have different gold categories to choose from whenever shopping for jewelry. Generally, gol..
25 Jan What are the markings on gold jewelry?
Many gold lovers will often notice the letter markings on gold jewelry. Aside from authenticating gold pieces, many know exactly what these markings m..
06 Jan 5 Things to Know When Buying Custom Gold Jewelry Online
 Quality is critical if you own a jewelry store or are looking to own one.Your entire brand will be built on beautiful, high-quality custom gold j..
18 Dec Gold Plated vs Solid Gold Jewelry, Which is better
When buying wholesale gold jewelry, you need to take the time to understand what it is that you are purchasing fully. Are you purchasing solid gold je..
08 Dec Top 5 Tips for Selling Gold Jewelry
If you just opened a gold jewelry store, it has probably already dawned on you that business is not as easy as most people assume it to be. This notwi..
07 Jul Learn how to tell if the jewelry is real gold
Don't just go by their word, but test to ensure that your gold is real gold. When starting to source new custom gold jewelry vendors, many people alwa..
16 Jun 4 Best ways to clean 14k gold jewelry at home
When ordering 14K jewelry, you will probably need to understand the proper ways to clean it. First, you must know if your jewelry is gold-plated or so..
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