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17 Jan Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry Online
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E-commerce is indeed the way to go nowadays. And what is there not to love? With the internet, you have all the real estate you need online, at a frac..
04 Jan 5 Gold Piercing Trends For 2022
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It is no secret that people are becoming more adventurous with the type of body piercing they decide to have. The ease of having a piercing in hundr..
21 Dec Why Gold and Diamond Jewelry?
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While gold adds a touch of class and sophistication, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. When combined to make jewelry, diamonds set on gold deliver..
25 Nov What Does Sustainable Jewelry Mean?
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We all love unique, stylish jewelry pieces to adorn ourselves with and pair with other incredible fashions in our closets.  However, consumers world..
06 Nov Where To Buy Gold Jewelry In Bangkok
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Bangkok never disappoints whether you are a business person looking for Thailand wholesale jewelry for resale or a gold lover looking for some piece..
28 Oct 10 Tips For Buying Diamonds Online
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There was a time when buying diamonds meant making a trip to a few select physical jewelry stores. Not so anymore. Today, diamond lovers can purchas..
19 Oct How to Buy Gold Chains for Your Retail Business
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If you want to start a retail business selling gold chains, you must first know how to buy wholesale gold jewelry to get the best prices and build a..
06 Oct The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand
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Thailand is known for much more than its picture-perfect landscapes, Thai cuisine, and hospitality. It’s also known as a top global gold trading hub..
26 Sep How To Buy And Sell Gold Jewelry For Profit
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As far as the jewelry business goes, you can never go wrong with gold. This precious metal is loved and recognized by the world over for its aesth..
14 Sep Best ways to clean 18k gold jewelry
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18k gold jewelry is made of 75% gold and 25% other metal alloys. The more gold in an item, the softer the item is because pure gold is a very soft com..
07 Sep Find Gold Jewelry Wholesale Distributors
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You have probably heard that selling gold jewelry can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. This is indeed true.  Gold is recognized globally ..
09 Aug What Is Ethical Gold Jewelry & Recycled Gold Jewelry
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The world is quickly changing. What were once foreign terms like sustainability and climate change are today front and center in many discussions...
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