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19 Oct How to Buy Wholesale Gold Chains for Your Retail Business
If you're looking to start a retail business selling gold chains, you must know how to buy gold wholesale to get the best prices and build a substan..
06 Oct The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Jewelry in Thailand
Thailand is known for much more than its picture-perfect landscapes, Thai cuisine, and hospitality. It’s also known as a top global gold trading hub..
26 Sep How To Buy And Sell Gold Jewelry For Profit
As far as the jewelry business goes, you can never go wrong with gold. This precious metal is loved and recognized by the world over for its aesth..
14 Sep Best ways to clean 18k gold jewelry
18k gold jewelry is made of 75% gold and 25% other metal alloys. The more gold in an item, the softer the item is because pure gold is a very soft com..
07 Sep Find Gold Jewelry Wholesale Distributors
You have probably heard that selling gold jewelry can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. This is indeed true.  Gold is recognized globally ..
09 Aug What Is Ethical Gold Jewelry & Recycled Gold Jewelry
The world is quickly changing. What were once foreign terms like sustainability and climate change are today front and center in many discussions...
05 Aug Wholesale Real Gold Body Jewelry
If you just started or intend to open a body jewelry retail business, finding a niche can help you differentiate yourself and capture a solid mark..
30 Jul Can Gold Jewelry Tarnish?
People looking to splurge on some jewelry often have similar concerns. One of these is how well their chosen pieces will hold over time. This is a..
27 Jul How To Clean White Gold Jewelry With Diamonds
White gold is an exquisite-looking metal. For this reason, white gold jewelry items do not come cheap. When diamonds are set on them, the resultin..
22 Jul How To Tell If The Jewelry Is Gold Plated Or Solid
If you want to add a few fresh pieces to your jewelry collection, you likely want to get value for money. The last thing you would like is to pay ..
04 Jul Why To Buy Gold Jewelry In Thailand
Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, elephants, friendly people, cuisine, and, yes, its wholesale jewelry market.People that have visited ..
23 Jun Is Real Diamond Body Jewelry A Good Investment?
Diamonds are much more than fashion statements. For people with a keen interest in making good investments, diamonds can be a great way to store and g..
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