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About Us


“The gold jewelry experts from Thailand”

Play With Diamonds was founded with the singular aim of availing to the world beautiful and high-quality gold jewelry from Thailand. True to this founding vision, we have remained committed to serving our ever-growing customer base with stylish and charming rings, earrings, and body jewelry. The devotion to providing value and beauty at exceptional prices has further earned us a top spot in the highly competitive industry. In an age where people seek to use jewelry for self-expression, we aim to be a trusted partner that constantly delivers value above expectations.

As a jewelry manufacturer, we further give our customers the best of both worlds as, on the one hand, we are in total control of how our jewelry is created. On the other hand, we have provided a direct shopping platform that allows you to bypass the middlemen, thus getting better value for money. Our defining strength is that we exclusively focus on selling gold jewelry whose design combines diamonds or other precious stones such as; ruby, emerald, amethyst, and crystal.

Value with a Difference

With thousands of jewelry stores ever a few clicks away, it takes much more than a random search to find the ultimate jeweler for all demands. At Play With Diamond, we are out to make a difference, and this is why we give you the confidence of:

* Artistically crafted jewelry from 100% recycled gold

All our jewelry is crafted with 100% recycled gold by an in-house team of seasoned artisans. In turn, by choosing our products, you are assured of quality gold jewelry created from a process that limits wastage. This saves you from the burden of exaggerated jewelry prices, primarily caused by jewelers that do not factor in the importance of using recycled gold. Generally, the use of recycled gold results in beautiful jewelry that will stand the test of time while maintaining the unique touch of this precious metal.

* Ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds

We believe in promoting and enhancing ethical practices right from our bottom-line. Since we understand the trickle-down impacts of using conflict-diamonds, we strictly follow the ‘Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.’ This allows us to only receive conflict-free diamonds, allowing us to create and deliver jewelry that spreads love, unity, and good business practices.

An exciting range of precious stones

Besides diamonds, we also ethically source and maintain a collection of other precious stones that are used to make our jewelry more appealing. These stones include; amethyst, ruby, emerald, and crystal. The best part is that you have the freedom to choose the type of precious stones you want in your jewelry.

Local experts with international exposure

Our team consists with four international jewelry specialists and about 30 well-experienced Thai artisans. The artisans bring decades of expert craftsmanship while all others contribute their share to reaching the highest jewelry organization standards, emphasizing Quality, Design, Competitiveness and Friendly customer relations. Together, this is a formidable team that effortlessly develops innovative jewelry designs guaranteed to win over your heart.

Unbeatable value

As the leading Thailand wholesale jewelry store, Play With Diamond offers you a trusted shopping platform for all your jewelry demands. Here, you get top value for each cent spent as all our products are quality-certified and competitively priced. We also provide you with the choice of opting for custom gold jewelry for the ultimate tailored experience. For these special requests, you will have to adhere to the set down terms and conditions that will be discussed with our team.

Showcase your amazing jewelry sense with Play With Diamond

Are you looking for affordable and quality gold jewelry? Play With Diamond is here to make your dreams a reality as we give you access to original creations by acclaimed designers and artisans. Our specialty is in reaching out to customers seeking exceptional value in fine jewelry. As a jewelry manufacturer that maintains the highest transparency levels in its operations and is devoted to delivering quality, you can count on us for a magical jewelry experience.

Cut the chase of going through a complicated process when shopping for gold jewelry and contact us today for satisfaction-guaranteed products and services.

If you are in Thailand, you can visit our office and showroom located in the Jewelry Trade Center Building.