Diamonds are much more than fashion statements. For people with a keen interest in making good investments, diamonds can be a great way to store and grow one's wealth over time.

As with any other investment, the main question is the feasibility of the asset itself. Is this a worthwhile way to invest? The answer is yes.

Here are five reasons why diamond body jewelry makes a good investment.

1. You Enjoy The Best of Both Worlds

The common phrase' diamonds are forever is not an empty one. Genuine diamonds can last several lifetimes when properly taken care of. This means that you are free to wear your diamond pieces for decades before selling them for a premium decades later. Literally-having your cake and eating it too!

This quality is hardly found in most other investment options as it gives you the best of both worlds.

The issue of 'second hand' does not apply to diamonds either. This is another factor that helps preserve their value.

2. They Keep Well

Diamonds are the hardest substances on earth and are formed from decades of compression in the earth's crust.

This makes it pretty hard to damage.

This is a significant advantage because if you are looking at something like a long-term investment, how well it keeps factors heavily into your decision.

Unlike other investment items like stamps, miniature cars, and so on, there is little to worry about in terms of damage when it comes to diamonds.

3. Inflation Proof

Most physical commodities are inflation-proof. As a result, items like diamonds, real estate, gold, and so on appreciate in compliance with inflation. This makes them part and parcel of a balanced, healthy investment portfolio.

However, unlike other commodities on this list, diamonds are much easier to move and store. 

These qualities make diamonds a good investment option or even an avenue to keep some money aside.

4. Demand

If you invest in something, you always have the end goal in mind.

When it comes to diamonds, a top consideration is how easy or difficult it will be to dispose of at a future date. The good news is that diamonds are perennially in demand.

Therefore, you are almost guaranteed a worthwhile return once you decide to sell. This makes diamonds a relatively attractive investment option.

5. They Are a Good Store of Value

Because of their size, diamonds allow investors to hold a lot of value in a tiny package.

Alongside that, they do not require an extensive maintenance regimen to retain their value. Typically, diamonds will need a quick polish and storage in soft fabric bags to maintain their luster.

Diamond Piercing Investment

Final Word

As you can see, investing in diamonds is one way to diversify your portfolio with a commodity that's in demand, easy to store, and that maintains value over time.

The benefits of investing in diamonds can only be gained from authentic, good-quality diamonds. You should also learn what natural diamonds are and what lab-grown diamonds are? Take the uncertainty out of your diamond jewelry investments by shopping at Play with Diamonds.