Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, elephants, friendly people, cuisine, and, yes, its jewelry market.

People that have visited the country marvel at the streets and malls selling all types of jewelry, especially gold jewelry. Over the years, Thailand has grown into a jewelry wholesale mecca for jewelry lovers and retailers.

Why the interest in Thai jewelry and gold? Well, here are three reasons why you should be buying wholesale jewelry in Thailand too.

1. The Country Has Plenty

As you probably know, South East Asia is rich in sapphires and rubies alongside other gemstones and precious metals like silver.

Aside from mining, the country is big on colored stone manufacturing and gemstone cutting. In Thailand, wearing jewelry is a cultural practice among both genders. This fuels the demand for the commodity.

Over time, the domestic demand has grown into an international one, and the industry has evolved into manufacturing tons of jewelry for export every year. So much so that the country stands among the top ten jewelry exporters in the world.

In short, the country has enough reserves to go around. If you partner with a gold jewelry factory or supplier in Thailand, you are guaranteed that they will always have enough inventory to supply to you.

2. Affordability

Save cost

Thailand has two things going for it that make it an ideal country to shop for all your jewelry.

The first is raw materials. Having to export raw materials and components used in jewelry making makes the finished products pricey in some countries. Thailand does not have this problem. The country is blessed with metals like gold and silver, gemstones, and so on. This makes everything locally available, which lowers the costs of production.

The other factor is a low cost of living and labor. Again, manufacturers and suppliers can conduct business affordably and with ease.

These two factors ultimately lower the cost of the final product. This benefit is then passed down to the buyer, meaning you can buy Thai jewelry at very appealing prices.

Buying good quality Thailand jewelry wholesale gold at significantly low prices means you can have a significant markup percentage back home and make a handsome profit.

3. Ease Of Doing Business

Thailand exports enviable amounts of jewelry every year. The manufacturers and suppliers in the country have perfected the art of order taking, verification, packing, and shipping.

All these processes are handled with a high level of professionalism, skill, and attention to detail.

On matters of logistical performance, Thailand is ranked 23rd worldwide and 2nd in South East Asia.

All these indicators mean that you are more likely to have a pleasant experience buying gold jewelry from Thailand than not. Not just that, but you can expect excellent after-sales service, timeliness, and high levels of professionalism.

What more could you wish for?

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