If you just started or intend to open a body jewelry retail business, finding a niche can help you differentiate yourself and capture a solid market segment. 
One way to do this is by identifying a metal to specialize in. 
One metal you can never go wrong with is gold. To be able to leverage this, it's important to understand all the advantages of gold body jewelry. This knowledge will help you convince clients, structure your marketing paraphernalia, and so on. 
So why gold? These are five reasons why you should get into retail or wholesale real gold body jewelry.

1. It’s An Easy Sell

Gold is one of the oldest metals and dates back to the earliest civilizations. Over the centuries, this metal has become associated with wealth and power. Today, it remains one of the more popular jewelry-making metals because of its timeless beauty and regal appearance. 
For these reasons, selling gold jewelry to a customer is already a job half-done, as the metal already speaks for itself.


2. It Has Hypoallergenic Properties

Solid gold is completely hypoallergenic. However, jewelry made of 100% solid gold is rare. Gold in its purest form is a very soft metal. This makes it challenging to work with as it's too fragile. 
To solve this problem, gold is alloyed with other metals like copper and nickel. This hardens it a bit, making it easy to work with and increasing its durability. 
These alloy metals can cause one to have an allergic reaction to a gold ornament. However, when you go for high-quality 24K gold jewelry, this is very unlikely to happen.

3. It’s Maintains Value

Gold is valuable and long-lasting. This is one of the main reasons why people all over the world purchase gold. 
Your gold jewelry can be used to store wealth. The same way people buy stocks and bonds is how others buy exquisite gold jewelry as an investment. 
Because gold is durable and maintains its look over the decades, you can also purchase gold jewelry to serve as family heirlooms. 
You can also liquidate your jewelry in the future if you become cash-strapped.

4. It Has Health Benefits

While they might not be scientifically proven, gold is believed to offer incredible health benefits to the wearer. Some of these include:
●      Regulating body temperatures for people that suffer chills and hot flashes
●      Treats wounds and soreness when directly placed on the affected spot
●      Boosts good oxygen flow and blood circulation, which helps all body arts perform optimally
These and other health benefits are believed to be derived from wearing gold. While we wait for scientists to provide direction on these claims, your customers can test the theories out for themselves. 

5. Guaranteed Hit

Real Gold Body Jewelry Gift

Gold jewelry is often a guaranteed hit whether a customer is looking for something for themselves or something to gift a loved one. 
Gold is a solid metal that is loved across the board. This aside, it comes in beautiful variations to suit one’s style. If yellow gold is not a customer’s cup of tea, rose and white gold is bound to get some interest.


All in All…

The first step to enjoying a successful retail business with longevity is to ensure you bring good quality real gold body jewelry for your customers. 

Reach out to Play with Diamonds today and let us supply you with top-quality, authentic gold jewelry.