It is no secret that people are becoming more adventurous with the type of body piercing they decide to have. The ease of having a piercing in hundreds of different places in the body, plus the ready availability of befitting jewelry, has propelled creativity in the industry. Even as the world strives to get back to normalcy in 2022 after the shock and slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are exciting piercing trends to embrace. The odds are higher if you love gold jewelry, which is loved for its elegance, durability, and classic touch that few other jewelry metals can achieve. Here, we look at the top 5 gold piercing trends to settle on in 2022.

The exciting gold piercing trends for 2022

1.   Double helix piercing

Helix piercings are currently trending in the fashion world for all the right reasons. However, double helix piercing is the ultimate go-for piercing as it allows you to have a unique ear art. The best part is that you can easily find quality gold helix piercing earrings to suit all preferences. Whether you are after a mix and match option or prefer twinning out your piercings, there are many appealing designs to settle on.

2.   Dealer’s choice

The defining strength of the dealer’s choice is that it allows you to have customized piercings based on the recommendations of a specialized piercer. It gives you the pleasure of being decorated without the typical restrictions to standard piercing styles. If you are into gold-hinged segment rings, this piercing trend will provide you with the desired flexibility required to rock these rings.

3.   Lobe piercing

Lobe piercing might be one of the most basic types of piercings, but it is this simplicity that gives it an edge. In 2022, there is no turning back from the simple yet charming piercing. It becomes better when you have high-quality gold basic piercings jewelry that will complete your fabulous looks.

4.   Nose piercing

Long gone are the days when most people restricted their piercings to the ears as nose piercing has become widely accepted. Traditionally, it is Hindu women who widely practiced this piercing, but today it is a fashionable option for everyone who wants a captivating art piece. Nothing suits these piercings better than gold nose rings professionally crafted for simplicity and subtle sophistication.

5.   Tragus piercing

The strategic location of tragus piercing enables it to speak for itself. It allows you to make use of the little flap cartilage at the front of the ear canal, making it unique and eye-catching. This piercing trend is bound to grow in 2022, as it allows you to step out of the norm without going too overboard. You can either opt for gold huggie earrings or studs for this piercing, depending on your fashion sense and style. Typically, studs are a subtle but charming addition for your piercing, while small Huggies for a tragus piercing are a bold and exciting option that easily complements other piercings.

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