If you are set on becoming a jewelry retailer, you probably already know how vital a reliable supplier will be to your business. 

Whenever possible, it's best to team up with a high-quality wholesale jewelry manufacturer to supply your business. One of the main advantages of this route is that you get much better prices by avoiding intermediaries. 

How do you find a good jewelry manufacturer to partner with? Here are some pointers.


Attend Trade Fairs and Industry Events

Trade fairs and industry events in your locality bring together a diverse group of professionals and entrepreneurs. These make them an excellent place to network and find service providers, manufacturers, and suppliers of various goods and services. 
Be on the lookout for such events and check newspapers for any adverts. If there is a business community office in your region, following them on their social media can also help you learn about upcoming events. 
Once there, network with others, focusing on people in the jewelry industry. With any luck, you can leave such occasions with jewelry manufacturer contacts.

Find Jewelry Manufacturers online

Seek Recommendations

Recommendations come with an added layer of safety. You are essentially referred to as a tried and tested business. This takes away some of the uncertainty. 
Getting recommendations is as easy as asking your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and so on about a jewelry manufacturer they might have dealt with before. It's even better if you know other people in the jewelry retail business as they would have a comprehensive view of the jewelry manufacturer they recommend to you. 


Online Research

The internet has made it much easier to find information on virtually anything. This includes businesses. 
Be a bit cautious with this, however. Unlike recommendations from trusted people, the internet has information from numerous sources. It then helps to take some time to try and sift through what you find. 
To find a jewelry manufacturer online;
●      Search for jewelry manufacturers on a search engine
●      From the results, go through the profiles, looking at their designs, shipping policies, prices, and so on
●      List three to five jewelry manufacturers that meet your criteria
●      Search the individual manufacturers you had shortlisted. Try and find news articles, reviews, and manufacturing review sites. These should give you more detailed information about the jewelers from customer perspectives
●      As you do this, look at what is being said about their reliability, how they handle complaints, accessibility, responsiveness, and so on. naturally, you want to pick a company that's reviewed positively by the majority of reviewers
●      From the selections you have left, reach out to each with any questions you might have. This should help you identify the best fit. 


Final Say

When it comes to your business, you don't just need any jewelry manufacturer. You need a reliable jewelry manufacturer that can adequately support your business over the years. 

Resist the urge to go with the first manufacturer you find. Instead, take some time to vet and identify a good fit. Your business will be all the better for it.