There was a time when buying diamonds meant making a trip to a few select physical jewelry stores. Not so anymore. Today, diamond lovers can purchase diamonds from their smartphones or laptops sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices. 
Still, as easy as the process has become, it's still crucial for you to do your due diligence before purchasing, just as you would before buying from a physical store.


Here are 10 tips for buying diamonds online.


  1. Do Your Research

Diamonds can get expensive. As with any other expensive purchase, it's essential to do your research and be clear on what you want before you start the actual shopping process. 
Some of the things you need to determine are the 4C's that make it easy to define what you are looking for. These are:
●      Carat weight
●      Color grade
●      Cut grade
●      Clarity grade


  1. The Devil Is In The Details

Some online stores will provide a range when talking about the 4C's. While this is okay, it's not good enough. So look around to find stores that can give you a GIA diamond report.


  1. Have A Budget

You do not want to end up being dazzled by all the fabulous stones and spend money you do not have on a diamond. To avoid this, have a ballpark amount of what you want to spend on the diamond. This should help guide your purchase. 


  1. Seller Information

Unfortunately, the internet has made it possible for anyone to have an online diamond selling business, legitimate or otherwise. 
You, therefore, need to find out some seller information before engaging. Find out their location, professional accreditations, licensure, and how long they have been in business. Look at their online reviews to see what other purchasers have said about them.


  1. Payment Methods

There are numerous payment options available today, some safer than others. For example, most credit companies will provide an avenue for recourse should you have a problem with your purchase. On the other hand, checks, money orders, and online wallets have reduced options. 


  1. Think Jurisdiction

While it might be easy to follow up with jewelry companies with a local presence, this becomes much harder to do when dealing with a store outside your country. 
As such, ensure to research the company before engaging. 


  1. Get Your Diamond Appraised

This is more so for expensive pieces. Next, get an independent appraiser to assess the diamond and confirm the seller's description and the diamond's paperwork.
They should be able to provide a value for you to use when insuring the diamond. 

Buying Online Diamonds

  1. Review Return Policies

Looking at diamonds online is convenient. However, looking and touching the actual thing is the surest way of determining if a diamond is right for you. 
When you see it physically, you might be surprised at how an exciting diamond fails to elicit that type of emotion. As such, ensure to review return policies and engage companies with flexible policies.


  1. Sustainability

How big are you on sustainability? 
If sustainable jewelry is a big deal for you, then it needs to factor in your decision. For example, you can consider lab-grown diamonds or sustainably mined ones. This will require you to identify a company that is known for its sustainability efforts.


  1. Take Your Time

When possible, avoid buying diamonds in a rush. Allowing yourself enough time will enable you to shop around and compare diamonds before making an informed decision. 


Easy Does It

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