Whether you're an owner of a jewelry shop or are interested in starting a jewelry or diamond jewelry business, it's natural to include diamond engagement rings in your product portfolio. The best way to increase your business profitability is to choose a supplier offering high-quality wholesale engagement rings at economical prices. 

There are many reasons to buy diamond rings from wholesalers, one of the foremost being eliminating the middlemen. This greatly reduces the prices as there are no markup fees. 

What Are Engagement Rings?

The tradition of wearing engagement rings dates back thousands of years. Over the years, the practice has evolved, especially with the economic boom of the early 19th Century. 

During this period, diamonds became synonymous with engagement rings, and presenting them to your to-be life partner became the tradition as we know it. 

Diamonds are arguably the most precious stones and symbolize timeless love and commitment, encouraging the love between the two soul mates. And it makes diamond rings one of the most famous jewelry pieces. 

Thanks to their chemistry and hardness, diamonds are forever. This has helped diamonds to become the perfect gem used in engagement rings, embodying the eternal commitment of everlasting love and marriage. 

Is It Safe To Order Diamond Rings Online?


However, it's essential to choose a certified and reputed wholesaler such as 'Play With Diamonds.' When you buy from a reputed vendor, you know you will get what is promised at a fair price without being unnecessarily inflated. 

These days, just about everything is available online, and diamonds are just another commodity, just more expensive. Due to jewelry's exclusive and premium nature, it is natural to be worried about ordering wholesale diamond rings online. 

Thanks to technology, market regulations, consumer awareness, and the ever-evolving global market, it is now possible to order diamond engagement rings online at wholesale prices without worries.

Why Choose 'Play With Diamonds' To Purchase Customized Wholesale Diamond Engagement Rings Online?

Based in Thailand, Play with Diamonds is among today's best online jewelry wholesalers for engagement rings and gold jewelry. 

Established with the sole motive of offering jewelry businesses high-end diamond and gold jewelry, the company follows the best industry and ethical practices to meet and exceed customers' expectations. 

There are many reasons to choose 'Play With Diamonds' to purchase customized diamond rings, including –

  • Honest & Transparent Process 
  • One of Thailand's most experienced and reputed gold and wholesale diamond jewelry experts.
  • The collective experience of decades in the wholesale jewelry business.
  • Only use 100% Recycled Gold.
  • Only use ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds.
  • Have the strongest Research & Development Departments in the industry.
  • A talented team of highly skilled, experienced, and certified jewelry designers and 3D modeling artists.
  • One of the best inventories of highly advanced manufacturing units with 3D Printers, Casting Machinery, Laser Welding Machines, Laser Graving Equipment, and more. Everything from micro-setting and wax-setting gemstones to filling and polishing the jewelry is checked, supervised, and monitored closely for quality purposes.
  • 'Play With Diamonds' strictly follow Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.
  • Wide variety of gold and diamond jewelry to choose from. 
  • Exclusive range of diamond rings available.
  • Reliable Diamond and Gold jewelry manufacturer offering the option to customize your order entirely. Customers can order customized engagement rings as per their specific requirements. 
  • Lead-Free & Nickel-Free Products
  • Jewelry Made of Solid Gold
  • Strictly follow all relevant international, USA & EU regulations. 
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Free express, secured and safe worldwide delivery, irrespective of the scale of the orders. 
  • Secured Payment Processing – PayPal and All Major Credit Cards are accepted.
  • All diamond and gold jewelry is certified and hallmarked. 
  • In-House Quality Control – Everything is checked and rechecked to ensure our jewelry matches the highest industry standards. 
  • Excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts
How to Buy engagement diaomond rings

When buying diamond engagement rings, you must do your due diligence and research before buying. Selecting the right vendor, like 'Play With Diamonds, ' ensures your order is in the right hands, and you'll be getting the diamond engagement rings your customers would love. 

And when your customers love what you offer, it triggers the never-ending cycle of word-of-mouth marketing and increases your sales and business profitability. Happy shopping!

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