When ordering 14K jewelry, you will probably need to understand the proper ways to clean it. First, you must know if your jewelry is gold-plated or solid. This article will allow you to pass along this information to your customers as well. We have tested and practiced these to ensure they will not harm the jewelry. 14K gold is made up of a mix of metals, which makes it harder than it would be if it were pure gold. Pure gold is a very soft material that is damaged relatively easily. That is why we at Play With Diamonds Jewelry Wholesale offer mostly 14K or 18K gold jewelry, as it is the right level of gold that provides a beautiful look but is a bit more durable than some of the other options.

1. Toothpaste cleans gold jewelry.

Toothpaste is very gentle and a great way to clean your 14k gold jewelry. It offers the abrasive action of the ingredients within the toothpaste. However, it is soft enough for your teeth; it certainly is gentle enough for your gold jewelry. Take an old toothbrush and put toothpaste on it as if you were going to brush your teeth. Gently with a warm but not hot water rinse once you have cleaned the jewelry well. Now, this can be dangerous if you do this in a sink. So, before you start, grab a bowl of warm water for rinsing. This way will minimize the chances of dropping it down the drain! Then do this at a table where you are safe from falling your slippery wet jewelry into a drain.

2. Dish soap with warm water.

Don't use just any type of soap; we recommend the blue Dawn dish soap as it is safe enough to help save oil-drenched animals, then it is safe enough to clean your gold jewelry. Again, you should get a bowl of warm water and mix in some dish soap and not do this actually at the sink. Take an old toothbrush to get into the cracks and around the prongs should you have stones. This method doesn't have the abrasiveness that you find in toothpaste, but it certainly does work.

3. Jewelry Cleaner.

You can purchase jewelry cleaner that you can use at home. This jewelry cleaner is made to clean the jewelry safely and effectively. However, again, ensure that you are carefully cleaning your jewelry. You will want to lay out a towel on the table for a jewelry cleaner. This way will protect your table from any splashes that might happen. Be sure that you have your bowl of warm water ready for rinsing and follow the jewelry cleaner's instructions.

4. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

There are ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which used to shine up jewelry in jewelry stores. However, there are smaller versions that we can have at home. These use dish soap or the jewelry cleaner above to clean the jewelry. This way is a very effective cleaning but can, over time, loosen stones. So, keep that in mind if you are cleaning gold jewelry with diamonds or stones.

All of these methods of cleaning your jewelry are simple and can give you some fantastic results. If you are a person that uses your hands a lot, then you can prevent needing to clean your rings but take them off when you are doing projects that will get your jewelry dirty in the first place. You shouldn't wear your jewelry while swimming in a pool or otherwise. Avoid wearing your jewelry while cleaning your home with harsh chemicals and while showering. A little prevention of getting your jewelry full of soap, introduced to harsh chemicals, or full of dirt, can go a long way.


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