If you want to go into the gold jewelry business, you have two primary options to explore.

The first is to buy ready-made jewelry from a trusted gold jewelry manufacturer and sell it. The second is to design your own jewelry and have it manufactured for you.

Jewelry manufacture alludes to the mass production of ornaments. This process allows you to get multiple pieces of each design for sale. It can also save you some time and money.

However, the onus is on you to keep churning new designs for manufacture to keep up with market trends. Being part of fashion, jewelry is highly dynamic, and being unoriginal is one sure way to kill your business.

So how do you produce enough of your own designs for sale? The simplest answer is to outsource to a custom jewelry manufacturer. The most common strategy for doing this is custom casting.


What is Custom Casting?

Custom casting is a process that allows designers to take an idea, create a mold and create the actual item. This process is complex, tedious, and requires some technical know-how.

Still, custom casting is the most affordable way of mass-producing or manufacturing jewelry. Your best trade-off is to outsource this process to a company that manufactures designs on your behalf and hands you the finished product.

This allows you to focus on the creative process and on marketing your business to increase sales. It’s a win-win.


Here are the steps to follow;


1. Prepare Designs

You likely have numerous design ideas in mind. Put these down on pen and paper. Include accurate measurements for each piece as well.

If a piece requires wax or castings, use computerized design programs like CAD or CAM. This should help you create 3D images of your custom pieces from your initial sketches.

How To Get My Jewelry Designs Manufactured

2. List Out Materials

Create a list of materials to be used in every ornament. For example, think about the length and thickness of the beading wire. Also include details on the size of your crimps, clasps, and chains.

Have style number and sourcing lists, as well as packaging information.


3. Labor and material costs

These will be dependent on the company you are using. First, you will need to know the total costs of manufacturing each piece. This helps you determine the costs of production and if you will be able to sell your products for profit.

Labor Play With Diamonds

The Outsourcing Process

You will need a model builder and a casting company. A model builder can create models ready for casting right from your graphic designs.

Your designs will go through the model builder, and when you are satisfied with the result, you can send them to the casting company.

You need to find the right casting company for your business, as whichever one you choose will serve more as a business partner over time. Look into their reputation, the technology they have, delivery timelines, and so on.

You also need to know that the jewelry manufacturer you are working with can scale quickly and adjust to your business needs. Once you are up and running, use these tips to successfully sell your gold jewelry online.