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25 Jan What are the markings on gold jewelry?
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Many gold lovers will often notice the letter markings on gold jewelry. Aside from them authenticating gold pieces, many know exactly what these marki..
06 Jan 5 Things to Know When Buying Custom Gold Jewelry Online
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If you own a jewelry store or are looking to own one, quality is key.Your entire brand will be built on beautiful, high-quality custom gold jewelry an..
18 Dec Gold Plated vs Solid Gold Jewelry, Which is better
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Gold Plated vs Solid Gold Jewelry, Which is better? When buying wholesale gold jewelry, you need to take the time to fully understand what it is that..
08 Dec Top 5 Tips for Selling Gold Jewelry
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If you just opened a gold jewelry store, it has probably already dawned on you that business is not as easy as most people assume it to be. This notwi..
07 Jul Learn how to tell if the jewelry is real gold
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Don't just go by their word, but test to ensure that your gold is real gold. When starting to source new vendors, this is always a question that many..
16 Jun 4 Best ways to clean 14k gold jewelry at home
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4 Best ways to clean 14k gold jewelry at home When ordering 14K jewelry, you will probably need to understand the proper ways to clean it. This artic..
18 May How to buy wholesale gold jewelry
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When you have a storefront or an online store, you must find suppliers you can rely on and trust. You also need to do some market research and be sur..
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